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Hurricane Season Begins Today…

With the start of hurricane season there’s always lots of ranch items to inventory and buildings to inspect to see if they will be able to withstand the wind and rain.

I’m also checking tree branches to see if I need to do a little pruning.

It’s a Lovely Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

We have had some wonderful, much needed, rain! I’m trying to add a few photos… they are!!!

Collapsing cone flower
Rain water flowing over the Colorado River Cobble

Restorative Rain!!!

We are finally getting some much needed rain. It’s the kind of soaking rain that will refresh and replenish our reservoirs. There were cracks beginning in the ground that were reminiscent of last summer! I have to say that “I’m singing in the rain!!!“. Thank you Dear Lord!

Monarch Butterfly Watch 2023

The milk weed is beginning to bloom plus the dandelions and other native flowers are blooming! Monarchs should be arriving soon!!!

What a Little Rain Can Do!!!

Love this Texas weather!!! Adversity builds strength.

Evening Update

As the sun begins to set you can see the stems of future Indian Paintbrush blossoms. The rain and cooler temperatures are really making out Texas wildflowers pop!!

Spring Morning

Out checking the herd this morning. The girls love this nice fresh air! The bluebonnets are not on the menu, however. The cows like the soft blades of grass growing between the flowers.


They’re here!!!! Enjoy!

Glorious Spring!!!

Spring is on y’all!!!!!

Checking for Signs of Spring!

First bluebonnet leaves!