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Wonderful Caterpillar Observations

The Isabella Tiger Moth wooly bully caterpillars are very busy keeping my dandelion population under control!

Migration Signs!

Monarch butterfly migration signs are everywhere!!! Written by Mother Nature!! In cursive???

The Newest, Cutest, Addition to the Herd!


I put in the same picture by mistake so here is the latest picture!!!

Sunshine and Spring!

Yes!!!! The sun is out and we are heralding in spring with some amazing wildflowers and a new calf!

First calf for 2019! Momma and baby are off to a terrific start!

Tiny Hints

Here is a tiny hint of things to come.

Enjoying the Puddles!!

Love the rain!!! It won’t be like this in August!

On the Hunt for Signs of Spring!

The weather man may tell us differently….but hidden under the thatch are some quiet hints about things to come..

No….not that!!!! I mean…


If you look very closely you can see spring at work!