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Hoping for a Little Rain!

Yep! I think we need a little rain…

Three More Additions to the Herd!

Baby #1 was born early, early, last Wednesday morning!

Baby #2 was born last Wednesday afternoon!

Both of these little boys are doing great! Their mama’s are very watchful and protective.

And then….

Another one! This one was born before I could make the post for the first two! This sweet baby was born on Sunday afternoon.

We are all very proud of them! They are so lively!

I have to post now! I’ll be sure to keep you updated with their progress.

It’s been a very busy and stressful summer!

The Summer Solstice!

The official first day of summer! This is the time for swimming, playing outside until dark, and watching for fireflies!

The flash just doesn’t do justice to the tiny lanterns flirting around!

‘‘Tis the Eve of the Summer Solstice.

Restful Morning!

All is calm on this western front! Thank you veterans for your service and your sacrifice!

Wonderful Caterpillar Observations

The Isabella Tiger Moth wooly bully caterpillars are very busy keeping my dandelion population under control!

Migration Signs!

Monarch butterfly migration signs are everywhere!!! Written by Mother Nature!! In cursive???