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Texas Blessings!

I always count my blessing but I especially feel blessed when I see the mesquite budding out!  I know that spring is here! A time for renewal and new growing opportunities!

Seeing Double!!!

Now there are two!

Oh!!! You Must Be A Redneck!!

That’s what it means!!! It must be time to take down the Christmas lights!!

It Must Be Spring!! Go Figure!!

My fig tree is in full leaf-out mode!! My peaches are NOT!!!


Usually my peaches bloom before the fig…what could this mean???

 Texas is always know for that last minute frost in April…I am praying that the groundhog got it wrong for once in its life!! But, I have blankets at the ready just in case…

Here’s to Spring!

Yes, here is my first 2017 baby and she is a sweetie!!!

She is out of Diamond my Horse Head Bounty Hunter cow!

Clear, Crisp, Morning

The storm has passed and brought us a gorgeous day! 

Happy New Year Y’all!

The new year always brings forth my brightest as well as loftiest goals and aspirations!  But each new year always brings hope…hope for a brighter year for family and friends….and hope for a healthy calf crop….any day now…

This is Diamond!! She is a Witchita Reservation cow from Horse Head Bounty Hunter!  She is bred to my bull Diesel and I am in wait mode…

God Bless to all and  my wish for all of you is to have a Happy 2017!