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Monthly Archives: July 2014

More About Hummingbirds!

Attended a session at the Natural Gardener about Hummingbirds.

Did You Know???? The hummingbird diet is 60% insects and 40% nectar!

They are such an amazing bird!


Our hummingbirds have finally arrived!  It must take ours a while to find us because our neighbors have had hummingbirds all summer!  Granted, we don’t put out our feeders until we actually see them coming up because in the heat the sugar crystalizes quickly and we have to fight off the wasps.

They’re so much fun to watch when they first get here because they will come in under the porches and look inside the house as if to ask “Anybody Home?  We’re here for supper!  Is it ready yet?”

The  first one to show was a little female.  Now we have her and a ruby throated male.  He always comes right up and looks inside the house first before going to the feeder.  I don’t know if he’s making sure the coast is clear or if he’s checking to see if the coffee’s on….

Well, the coffee’s on!!


Happy 4th of July…ya’ll

What a way to start off the 4th! Cool temps. at 72 and overcast with a slight breeze!! Amazing!

Picked some more tomatoes and….one lettuce! The amazing thing about it is that I planted the lettuce seeds last fall!!! I finally got….ONE!!! Always count your blessings!

I didn’t blog yesterday because I needed to go to the dentist (I love getting my teeth cleaned!! Seriously I do!!) and bring the cows and horses in to our pastures that are closer to the house. I do this because of the noise of fireworks or whatever might scare them and we just can’t have any stampedes going on!!

Well, Happy 4th of July!!

Morning Chores

Just finished putting a sand-top soil mix into the ankle breaker holes that the dogs dig when the weather’s hot!  This is a constant chore because I hate walking to the garden and stepping into these little hidden holes!

The dogs love to dig these around the garden because it’s cool and moist!

I also have 1 gorgeous peach that I can’t wait to pick!  This makes 2 beauties so far this season.