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I grew up in the chihuahaun desert among the prickly pear, sotol cactus and rattle snake. My earliest memories are building forts from the rocks that lay so abundant all around me. One of my favorite books to this day is Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran and Illustrated by Barbara Cooney. What a carefree life so full of imagination and exploration.

On my very first trip to the El Paso Zoo I saw and fell in love with the Texas Longhorn! I remember there being two “big ‘ol steers” hanging out under a mesquite tree. I can still hear my Dad using those words…”Those are some big ‘ol steers!” They captured my imagination and now I am living  out that imagination!

I raise registered Texas Longhorns!  They are one of  the most fascinating animals I have ever had the pleasure of being around!   J. Frank Dobie immortalized them in his book The Longhorn!  Artists capture their manner and athleticism on canvas and film. My longhorns are every bit my prompt into the ways of the old west and the future.

I am also a mother of three terrific sons, a grandmother, teacher, rancher, gardener, and protector of the imagination!

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