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Fall Grasses!

The beautiful fall grasses are really coming up! They are a nutritious good source for so much of our wildlife!

Little Blue Stem

Silver Stem

And of course the BlueBell

Celebrating the First Day of July!

Here are some red, white, and blue inspirations for you to enjoy!

Indian blanket

Something prickly ( I’ll update when I know for sure…but for sure it’s prickly…probably don’t want to touch it!) I believe it is bull nettle (cnidoscolus texanus)

Texas Bluebells

Rain!!! Sometimes a Curse…But always a Blessing!

The ground had become so parched here with little to no rain since May! The ground began to develop some significant cracks!!!

The grass was shriveling up into thin, brittle, sprigs! This is when the threat of grass fires begin to enter the mind!

But with this tropical system sending some rain our way things are beginning to green up almost overnight. It has been a curse for some areas of Texas but a little bit of a blessing for those of us with pastures that support a herd.

First Day of Hurricane Season!

It wasn’t long ago that we saw three devastating hurricanes! What did I learn from those experiences?

1. Be more prepared than you think you should be…

2. Have a backup plan….

3. People really do come together when the chips are down…

This was #HurricaneHarvey’s track in 2017!

Please be safe during this unpredictable time and keep your hurricane guide handy!

Newest Addition

Here is my first calf of the new year! He was born on April 5th! His mama is so proud of him!

It has turned into a beautiful day after a few days of wind, rain, and temperatures in the high 30’s!!! All of the cows are out enjoying the wildflowers!!

It’s a Great Day to be a Goat!!

The sun is shining! The goats are excited to be outside enjoying this very pleasant moment in the sun and hay!

This is Bunny! Appropriately named for his beautiful long white ears!

This is Spot!

A lot of my animals are named spot! I think it’s a wonderful name although I didn’t name him. The family that raised these three billy goats named him and I think it is fitting!

The youngest of the three goats is Young’un! Yes he’s the youngest of the three goats! He’s learning to bark at the dogs…who think they are goats!

I have never been around goats but I have to say that I am really enjoying them! They do a spectacular job keeping the fence line under control! They are also very entertaining!! I’m sure that I will have a lot more to tell you about in the coming months when things really begin to bloom!

Is it Thawing???

It looks like a thaw is in the making! Temperature this morning was about 10 degrees according to my outdoor thermometer…but it’s on the rise…slowly and the ice is receding….slowly…

Stay warm my fellow ranchers and keep your eye on the temperature tonight because my friend Eric Berger at says it will be cold until this weekend when we may be able to put on our shorts and sun bathe!!