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It’s Not a Mirage!!!!

There’s another new face on the ranch!

Staying Healthy…

Love always makes everything better!

Out of the Dust!!!

Out of this Saharan dust storm walked momma and….her new calf! I’ll post more pictures of this newest baby when I am able to get a cleaner picture…a picture that isn’t blurred by all of this unbelievable dust!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Planning for the Future!!

Bluebonnet seed pods!

Some of the most fascinating aspects of wildflowers are their ability to get their seeds out quickly!!! The bluebonnet pods actually dry and “snap” which sounds like Rice Krispie’s!!!

A Beautiful Easter Morning!


It is a Difficult Time for All of Us!!!

I am just touching base with all of you to say that we will make it through this!

Please follow the CDC guidelines of: washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue or the bend of your elbow, practice social distancing….stay away from groups of 10 or more!

We will make it through this but not without a test of our patience…strength has nothing to do with it…please stay safe, kind, and caring to one another

It is Official!

The bluebonnets are coming out in full! I just took this picture in Independence, Texas. It looks like a wonderful year for the wildflowers.


The Groundhog Might Be Right!!!

What a beauty!!!!