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Newest Additions for 2021

There have been two new additions to the herd so far this year! These two are some real cuties! Spunky as all get out!

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  1. Such cute calves! Hi! I’m Annie’s friend ❤

  2. Yes…I am so happy to have met her 💕 We are very similar.

    Longhorns are such cool animals. I love their horns. My cousin raises bulls and horses, which are ridden in PBR and PRCA rodeos. It’s so coincidental that their company is Diamond G! They are in Toquerville, Utah.

  3. I agree…Annie is an amazing person, and I am so happy to have met her. We are very much alike and particularly enjoy our shared Twitch channel, Save As You Wish!

    I love your Longhorns! My great-grandparents raised cattle, and my cousin has continued that tradition. She and her husband’s ranch is the Diamond G in southern Utah, and they raise bulls and horses which are ridden in PBR and PRCA rodeos. I thought that was pretty cool that we had the ‘Diamond’ connection, too 🙂

  4. I just noticed that my comment awaits ‘moderation’ LOL I had typed a comment on my cellphone but it didn’t look like it went through. So, I got on my laptop so that I could see what I was typing. I guess you will get both of those comments. I have never used WordPress, so this is a learning experience!

  5. Hello! I recently rescued a mare from Texas with a diamond v brand. Was hoping you could help me with who may have branded her. Your babies are beautiful!


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