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Sometimes the World has a Different Plan!

I always prefer to write about life with the cows, goats, flowers, birds, snakes, thorns, drought, wasps etc in a rosey way but every once in a while I feel that I must include some of the dangers involved with a country life.

Predators are a part of this ecosystem. They are a necessary part of this life. This is not a gloom and doom conversation I am having but a conversation about how close and daring predators can become…so I will continue…(but this does have a happy ending…for both predator and prey)

Coyote attack!!!! Full on…close to the house…and after my newest calves!!! I had always read about how longhorn cattle will defend the herd…but longhorn mama’s are definitely not something you want to tangle with!!! Those mamas went after that coyote in the fiercest of ways possible…bellowing, charging, running, get down in the dirt slinging those horns!!! Never in my life would I have really believed it if I hadn’t seen it happening!!! Those mama’s put that coyote on the run!!!

So…with all of this being said…I’m thankful that those sweet little ones are still here today! I’m thanking God and those strong mama’s!!! It is a true testament of a mama defending her baby! Watch out coyotes!!!

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